Qindeel Printing, Publishing and Distribution

Qindeel Printing, Publishing and Distribution, a member of MBRF Holding, was established in 2014 by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation (MBRF) as one of its investment projects to create a world leader in the provision of printing, publishing and distribution.

Qindeel’s main focus is the publication of books, magazines and journals in Arabic and other languages which encourage reading and dissemination of knowledge. Qindeel also offers a wide range of services to printing and publishing sectors, including acquisition services and providing large orders for machinery, materials and logistical support.

Qindeel is focused on the promotion and dissemination of culture and knowledge for the development of intellectual activity in Arab communities. It aims to publish over 1,000 new titles (paper and digital formats) every year, covering a wide range of topics and areas, such as knowledge, development, business administration, as well as creativity and innovation.

Based in Dubai, Qindeel offers an extensive distribution and logistical support to printing and publishing companies to provide all their requirements in a cost- effective and efficient way. Qindeel is building a network of strategic partnerships to support these important service provisions.

Qindeel Printing, Publishing and Distribution complements other major projects and initiatives of MBRF, such as Dubai International Program for Writing, My Family Reads, Book in Minutes and Dubai Digital Library which have all contributed to leveraging knowledge and development in an effort to raise the standard of knowledge and development, and strengthening the position of Dubai as a leading cultural and literary center in the region.

“I believe that if the vision is clear; then the objectives can be easily achieved.”
H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Our Mission

To produce the maximum number of excellent printed, translated and published books at the global level, relying on the best human and physical potential, in collaboration with the most prestigious Arab and international publishers, and through the sponsorship of promising human resources in the fields of publishing, printing and translation.

Our Vision

Printing and Publishing are the gate of knowledge for our present and future generations. They emanate from the depths of our Arab heritage towards globalism, through modernity and cognitive development of generations, looking ahead to a brighter future.